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Virtual dial caliper with resolution of one hundredth of millimeter - simulator of use, reading and interpretation

dial caliper Use of dial caliper in millimeter with 0.01mm resolution (one hundredth of millimeter)

Caliper is a measurement instrument provided with a scale and a cursor which slides on itself. it was concebid to take external linear measures by contact. It can also measure internal linear measures, depths, saliences among others.

The main scale of this simulator is graduated in centimeter, that is divided in tenths (millimeter).

In the dial, the pointer gives a complete turn (360°) each millimeter of advance and your display has one hundred divisions. This way, each mark that the pointer goes represent teh advance of 1/100 of millimeter or one hundredth of millimeter.

One advantage of adoption of dial to increase the caliper resolution, is that it allow that the display turn, after unlocked, to adjust the instrument and facilitate the inspection of tolerance of many pieces without interpretating each one.

This instrument, as rule, it can't substitute the micrometer with hundredth resolution , because its accuracy (imprecision between presented value and the real) is higher that the one of teh resolution.

To improve the sensibility of this virtual caliper, click in the magnifying glass in the bottom corner of ths page.

The monitor resolution doesn't allow that the virtual instrument interpolate every possibility of measure, if you wish to investigate these possibilities, interact with the simulator of dial indicator and transfer what you have learned.

Caliper with virtual dial in millimeter with 0.01mm resolution -
simulator of use and practice of reading and interpretation

drag and drop the cursor in the horizontal

  • tips:
    • click in the magnifying glass to improve the reading
    • click in the fixing screw of dial and turn the display for fine adjustment

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