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Virtual vernier caliper in millimeter - simulator of reading and interpretation practice - vernier scale 0.02mm

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Metric vernier caliper, (calliper or pachymeter) in millimeter and vernier scale resolution 0.02mm

Caliper is a instrument of linear meaurement built with one rule and one cursor that slides on that. It's was designed to external linear measures by contact, It can also meausre internal dimensions, depths, saliences among others.

The main scale of this simulator is graduated in centimeter, that is divided in tenths (millimeter). The vernier divide the millimeter in fifty (1/50), marking the 0.02mm (two hundredths of a millimeter).

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Virtual vernier scale - simulator of use and reading, resolution two hundredths of millimeter 0.02mm

Vernier caliper in millimeter with resolution 0.02mm millimeter (two hundredhs of millimeter) simulator and practice of reading and interpretation

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Self-assessment: caliper in millimeter with 0.02 millimeter (hundredth)


list of exercises of reading and interpretation of caliper with vernier in millimeter

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