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Interaction guide of micrometer in hundredth and thousandth millimeter and in tenths of thousandth

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Interaction guide with the pages of the topic micrometer screw gauge: in millimeter and inch; simulators, self-assessment and exercises

The objective of this page is to guide the study and to serve as an index to the most part of the pages related to the topic: micrometer in hundredth and thousandth millimeter , thousandth inch and in tenths of thousandth from Prof. Eduardo J. Stefanelli portal.

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It's desirable thta you have already interacted with the pages vernier scale: simulator of reading and interpretation: virtual vernier scale in millimeter tenth resolution and virtual vernier scale - simulator of reading and interpretation in thousandth inch before you move on.

Interaction guide with micrometer screw gauge: simulators, self-assessment, exercises and commented solutions

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