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Use and reading of the micrometer in inch resolution tenths of thousandth

micrometerReading and interpretation of the micrometer in tenths of thousandth of inch

Use of the instrument of measurement 'micrometer' in the english system and resolution tenths of thousandth: reading and interpretation

This text will approach exclusivilly the interpretation of the tenths of thousandth of the micrometer. If you still doesn't know much about the utilization, reading and interpretation of the thousandth part of the micrometer , interact with this page before you move on.

This text assume that you are familiar with the nomenclature of the components of the Micrometer <- if necessary, remember this subject by clicking here and with the reading of the ruler or line gauge, in tenth inch <- remember by clicking here.

The operation of the micrometer in tenth of thousandth of inch
the vernier scale reading process


figure 1 - thimble in partial view to reveal the vernier that divides the thousandth of the inch by ten

The main difference of this configuration is that this one has ten paralel lines to the 'basis line' graved in the sleeve - figure 1.

The resolution of the micrometer tenth of thousandth, the vernier reading process

In the micrometer in thousandth inch, the resolution was obtained dividing the micrometric thread pitch by the number of the divisions of the thimble (Resolution = thread pitch of the micrometric fuse/ number of the divisions of the thimble) or Resolution = 0.025in / 25 = 0.001in.

In the micrometer tenth of thousandth the smaller difference between indications is divided by ten by one vernier scale graved in the sleeve. this way, the resolution will be: Resolution = 0.001in / 10 = 0.0001in.

Reading of the micrometer in inch resolution tenth of thousandth

interactive animation - reading of the measure by the sum of the parcels of the inch


- To determine the value of the measure, it os necessary to sum:

- click in the icon in the inferior corner of the interactive animation screen to alternate the value of the measure
- use the icon 'eye' to hide the values total and partial
- with the 'closed eye', click in the colored circles to show the partial value related to them

Commented examples of reading and interpretation of the micrometer in inch tenths of thousandths

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