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Virtual triple beam balance - simulator

triple beam balanceSimulator of triple beam balance

roll down the page and interact with the simulator of mechanic balance in tenths of gram

This simulator was designed to be the most realistic possible to develop the competencies of use, reading and interpretation of the mechanic triple beam balance

Simulator mechanic triple beam balance in tenths of gram

Method to read the result

  • move the mass of the balance of 500 grams, step by step, until the whole thing moves
  • return one step to restore the initial position
  • repeat the operation with the mass of balance of 100 grams
  • slide the mass of balance of 10 grams until obtain equilibrium
  • the reading is the sum of values marked in each balance

the function of the icons is intuitive

  • '0g' change the value of mass of integer to decimal or hundredth
  • 'mass' change the mass to be measured
  • 'eye' shows the value of mass and the measure one
    • the value in ( ) is obtained by interpolation
  • 'magnifying zoom' aproximate the balance to refine the interpretation of the measure.
Eduardo J. Stefanelli -